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Wyland's Dalphin Dawn

WYLAND THE ARTIST Bob Wyland (who prefers the single name “Wyland”) started
painting marine and under-sea life in water color medium I the late 1970’s in Laguna Beach,
CA. During the ‘80’s and ‘90’s Wyland’s Whale and Dolphin water color paintings and
sculptures have become known world wide. Wyland has done many Full Building Murals
around the country and internationally (he calls them “Whale-ing Walls). The first mural was
in Laguna Beach, then one in Hawaii, Long Beach, CA etc., etc. Wyland now has at least 7
galleries around the world including California, Nevada, Florida, Hawaii, and a couple in
Europe (as well as many distributor outlet connections). Wyland’s art pieces have become
synonymous with Ocean Environmentalism and he has started the “Wyland Foundation to
assist in the education and preservation of the worlds marine life. Additional information on
Wyland can be found in a number of locations including for the books by and
about Wyland and on several www Web-Sites such as:
>< > <

Sue met Wyland at the Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival in 1979 as a relatively unknown
local artist from Orange County, CA. Sue took lessons from Wyland for a short period in the
mid 1980’s and became friends with the soon to be recognized artist. Sue had a total of 4
paintings commission by Wyland and each time he would bring the paintings to her home
along with a bottle of wine and personally hang the paintings on the wall.

“Dolphin Dawn” Was painted in 1987 on a commission from Sue. It is a 30” x 41” full
sheet water color original (43” x 55” framed) personally signed on the back by Wyland and
endorsed to Sue in July of 1987. The name Dolphin Dawn was given to the painting by Sue
from a session of beach setting in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico while watching a Dolphin
playing in the surf at sunrise. As with all of Sue’s commissioned Wyland paintings, he
personally hung the art on her wall.

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