1908 Model T REPLICA ----- 21 pictures of this item will load

Every car is factory tested Crating and shipped in California for $350.00

Approximate dimensions:


8 ft. long 48" wide 45" high 270 lbs

* Each car is hand crafted

* Only finest quality materials used

* Strong Jig Welded Steel Frame

* Rack and Pinion Steering

* 8.5 h.p. Honda engine

* 5 speed automatic transaxle

* Electric Start

* Powder coated frames

* Disc Brakes

* Engineered for dependability

* 75% to scale

* Low Center of gravity

* Oak firewall and steering wheel

* Wood spoke wheels, Hickory & Oak

* Top Speed 25 mph

* Working Headlights

* "OOOGAH" Horn

* Pneumatic tires

Itching to buy an original 1908 Model T but don't happen to have a spare $45,000?

Try scratching that itch with REPLI CARS. The first Model T came off Fords
assembly line in October of 1908. Our Big T REPLI CAR its brand new,
holds two adults, it enjoys a respectable top speed of 25 miles per hour,
and it is so much fun to drive!

REPLI CARS are individually hand crafted using only the best ALL metal body and
frame parts and using only top quality wood for wheels including
the oak steering wheel capturing that authentic look.

REPLI CARS are not street legal, except for special occasions. It can be for you, your
family, your friends, used as a marketing tool, for a business to show their logo,
show it at parades, car shows or other special fun events.

REPLI CARS come pre-assembled. All you have to do is open the crate and dust
off the car. Read the owners manual, check the tires for proper air pressure,
put in some regular gas and turn the switch.

Then jump in and begin having fun cruising around your neighborhood,
display it at local car rallies, enter it into parades or other special events…
It is that simple!

The body panels are powder coated with an automotive quality finish

The Power of Dreams



TORQUE: 17.7Nm/ 1.8KGM / 2500 RPM



Features: 1 inch shaft, recoil and electric start, dual air cleaner, deflector kit, spark
arrester, 1 amp charging coil, 12v 70w lamp coil, screen grid, extended oil filter.